Monday, October 16, 2017

Just Saying...and Happy New Year 2014!! Maybe not in that order. LOL

I wrote this back in September but never posted it due to sickness. 2013 was a rough year for me, but I had some very good things happen to me as well. Below is the blog I wrote. It gets off course, but the content, ideals and thoughts still are relevant to me. Would love to hear your comments. Also try to stay warm as most of North and Central Alabama will be below 10 degrees overnight. Remember the elderly and your neighbors. This cold can kill and will. Also tonight is the BCS Championship game and I pray my Auburn Tigers keeps the Crystal Ball in the State of Alabama. Happy New Year 2014!!

Just wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone for the Happy Birthday Wishes and the Congrats on the birth of my second grandson this year. I now have two fine grandson's, Robbie(Beth) and Dayton(Byron) and then, (March 1st) my daughter Hope will be getting married. My health may not be very good, but my children have blessed me, supported me and Loved me! That really helps me to maintain a positive attitude despite my various health issues. 

Moving along, I think it is pretty neat that my Dad's Birthday is September 4th, Dayton's is September 5th and mine is September 6th. I wish Robbie could have been born during these same days. That would have been unbelievably cool, but that wasn't God's plan. However Robbie was born first so he got the role of being my first grandchild! If I live long enough, I am almost certain there will be a few more grandchildren to add to my list. 

Regardless who comes first, last, boy or girl, and so forth, I will Love them all unconditionally and spoil them so rotten my children will be mad at me. (LOL) I have to admit I always said I didn't care if my children ever had children; as that is their decision, but I must admit how those precious little babies fill your heart with so much joy, happiness and instant Love. (However, if there aren't any more, I will be just as happy as long as my children are happy, healthy and rich so they can take care of me. (LOL)

I've never felt like I was a good Father. I suppose I have always compared myself against my Dad and that is an unrealistic goal because to me he is one awesome person, Dad, husband and friend. I am competitive by nature, but I know I will never measure up to his high standards and morals...I pray that all my grandchildren will at least get some of his genes! . In today's world and going forward I feel those assets are a thing of the past for many.  Today most children are more concerned about having a good time and only want to get by in school and are never satisfied? For the most part it is the fault of this generation of parents(including me) because so many of us said "when I have children they won't have to do this or that and if they want something they get it" and eventually they expect from you, instead of respecting you...
I hope this trend reverses over the next 20 years or we may find ourselves acting and living like the people in the Middle East because it's not supposed to be "All for One" Instead we as a nation should strive for "One for All" {a Democracy} (meaning all things being equal to those who seek and find by dedication, respect, hard work, morals and most important humility and Honesty), unlike the foolishness of the Middle East and their inability to agree to disagree and using violence to get what they want. Of course usually all that happens is that innocent men, women and children are slaughtered like cows or left lying on the streets with missing arms, legs and worse. This is what you get when you have a dictatorship (ALL for ONE; everyone else starves and freeze to death, etc. except for ONE}
 The scary part is so many Americans today want the government to do everything for us and in many ways they already do, when in truth they should demand the government of the United States of America work for what "we the people" decide and let us {the people} decide how we should live our lives within the boundaries of the constitution and the laws necessary to protect the lives of every American citizen(especially for those Americans that are challenged physically or mentally). . The government should only get involved when something needs to be done, to promote the welfare of the people in areas where the private sector either lacks the capital or the resources to complete projects like Hydro-Electric Dams (i.e. Hoover Dam), Interstate and Highway projects or when a project has been proven necessary, but no one in the private sector can or are unwilling to do it.

Anyway, I guess I was tired and didn't realize I was rambling on and on and took my mind off the reason I started again, THANKS to EVERYONE for the kind words concerning the birth of my second grandson and also remembering me on my 51st Birthday. God Bless and I wish everyone a beautiful and wonderful weekend. 

One last request...Think of one person today or tomorrow and email, text, call or visit them and catch up, let them know you are thinking about them. Should they decide to share with you they are having personal issues; listen, be positive, offer them advise from your own experiences, let them know you really care and if you can help let them know.  However the most important thing is to let them know you are there for them no matter the issue. On a positive note, hopefully whoever you reach out too is doing well and you can simply say, "You were heavy on my mind today and I just thought I would give you a ring, text or email to see what's been going on with you (and your family) since the last time I saw you" If they are having issues of any kind most will be blown away by this and open up. Sometimes all it takes is to hear a friendly voice when you are down, sick or otherwise to help get that person or even you out of the "fog". You could be saving someone's life! 

Have a great weekend and "R" "U" Ready 4 Some "FOOTBALL"!! War Eagle!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Is the Cold Weather Going to Stay North of Alabama

It has been an unusually mild winter so far this year. I can't complain as I don't really like cold weather unless it is going to snow. Speaking of snow...Last year it seemed as though it snowed all over the state, from North to South several times. This year has been a complete opposite.

I have been watching the birds lately and they might indicate we still are going to have some cold weather in February. I guess that is where they coined the phrase "Going to the Birds" LOL...I don't know, but in years past the black birds hovering and hanging around trees locally has superseded cold snaps. However this year I've only seen them once and not really seen any dramatic cold air.

Could this lead to a more violent spring Severe Weather season. I suppose it could; then again it might break down the difference between cold air from Canada and the warm air out of the Gulf. As always, the only way to predict the weather with 100% certainty is to look out the window or listen to my man...James Spann!!

I would like to hear your comments

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tornado Watch has been issued for Autauga, Bibb, Chilton, Dallas, Greene, Hale, Lowndes, Marengo, Montgomery, Perry, Pickens, Pike, Sumter, Tuscaloosa Counties until 09:00am this morning...

Note: Over the Past two days Montgomery County has reached 7" of Rainfall...

Tornado warning justed issued for Mobile and Baldwin Counties in SW Alabama...,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tornado Watch about to be issued for a large part of MS. Probably will include counties in the West-Central Alabama....
Tornado Warnings now showing up in Central, MS. Looks like some of this weather could be in the B'ham area by 9pm - 10 pm. Could be a long night and day tomorrow for the weather folks.

Weather or Knot

Tornado Warnings now showing up in Mississippi. North Central Alabama whould see some of these active storms by 9pm and overnight.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weather or Knot

It is looking like Severe Weather along with warm temperatures and rain will return to our area tomorrow evening and overnight. Quite a contrast after being under freezing temperatures for as many as 7 days for some areas.

It would be advisable to stay close to a good source of weather information between 2pm Wednesday and 6am Thursday morning. Even if the Severe Weather doesn't materialize, expect rainfall amounts between 1" & 2".
Will more than likely be Storm Chasing tomorrow and you can watch the Live Stream at